About Us


EVRaceworks takes pride in being a responsive force in the e-moto market, catering to the needs of DIY builders, Surron enthusiasts, and passionate individuals seeking exceptional performance from their personal electric vehicles.

All our products are designed in Southeast Michigan, and a significant majority are proudly manufactured in-house.

Our journey began as a machine shop, serving the automotive and scientific sectors across Michigan. However, the introduction to the e-moto scene was a turning point for our founder, David Kloiber. Recognizing gaps in the market with the help of local riders, he embarked on developing innovative add-ons for Surrons and pioneered the industry's first 'Easy, DIY electric conversion kit' for dirt bikes.

As EVRaceworks evolves, we stay connected with the e-moto and e-bike community, actively participating and sponsoring rides nationwide. Our commitment lies in listening to the community's needs and wants, shaping our product line to exceed expectations.

While we currently operate without a physical retail space, our future vision includes stocking our products in local e-bike shops and organizing pop-up demos at tracks and trailheads. Thanks for joining us on the journey towards electrifying adventures and unparalleled performance.