10A Variable Charger for 72V Li-Ion

10A Variable Charger for 72V Li-Ion

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The EVRaceworks variable Battery Charger:

  • Optimized for 72V Li-Ion Batteries: Max charge voltage set at 84V, designed for 72V Li-Ion batteries.

  • Informative Display: Digital display shows battery voltage and charge rate in real-time.

  • Universal Compatibility: CNLinko LP20 Plug works with all EVR batteries and select 72V Surron batteries.

  • Plug in Anywhere: The typical USA 3 pin plug allows you to plug in to any 120V outlet.

Customize your charging experience with:

  • Flexible Charge Percentage: Opt for 80%, 90%, or 100% maximum charge, giving you control over speed and battery voltage.  Storing at 80 or 90% capacity is significantly healthier for the battery.

  • Adjustable Charge Rate: Choose from 2-4-6-8-10 Amp charge settings.  Also great for improving battery longevity and avoiding tripping home breakers if needed.

Additional features:

  • Pin1 (positive) and Pin2 (negative) for easy connections.

  • Power toggle switch for convenient charger shutdown when not in use.


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